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2023-04-18 16:18
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Ningbo Flourish Hardware Tool Co.,Ltd

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product Details

-Material: carbon steel

-Surface finishing: polishing

-Hole diameter: 1.0mm

ltem No.Size
811108014mm spacing gap 2 teeth
81110901 4mm spacing gap 4 teeth
81111001 4mm spacing gap 6 teeth
81111101 4mm spacing gap 10 teeth
81111201 5mm spacing gap 2 teeth
81111301 5mm spacing gap 4 teeth
81111401 5mm spacing gap 6 teeth
81111501 5mm spacing gap 10 teeth
81111601 6mm spacing gap 2 teeth
81111701 6mm spacing gap 4 teeth
81111801 6mm spacing gap 6 teeth
81111901 8mm spacing gap 2 teeth
81112001 8mm spacing gap 4 teeth
81112101 8mm spacing gap 6 teeth


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